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Protecting your customers' data and minimizing vulnerabilities is a way of life in business today.

Here's how to save temporary data you need to persist through the form building, validation, and submit functions.
If you need a mobile menu, use the SlickNav library.
Here's how to modify the attributes of a block entity by its region assignment in a preprocess function.
Ubuntu enables Bluetooth on startup. Here's how to prevent it from loading.
When you return from a function, reduce complexity by returning only one data type.
When you're in a routine, try to return out to the calling function early.
This module is a first-line of defense against spambots, and it plays nice with Honeypot.
A peer-to-peer API called WebRTC exposes private and public IP addresses. Here's how to prevent it.
IPv6 can cause issues with DNS. Disable it completely on boot.
Most accounts are registered using an email address. Check if yours made its way into the hands of a hacker.