Custom Web Development Features

Web Development

Every web project is built with a set of baseline features to maximize rankings in search engine results, increase user engagement, improve security, and allow for scalability.

As full-stack developers, we design, build, and manage the site on the back-end (web server) and the client-side front end (user's browser or device).


Custom Theme Design


We do not re-use cookie cutters or third-party themes.  Every site is unique and built on top of a stable theme framework, like Bootstrap 4.


Third Party Resources and APIs


We can integrate any pre-existing JavaScript libraries or third-party service APIs, like IDX for real estate, or Amazon Web Services.  If the required libraries or service APIs don't exist, we can develop them.


Email Addresses


We provide email addresses for the domain name of the site.




Search engines need to be instructed on what pages to index. This prevents the crawlers from indexing pages we don't want indexed.


TLS certificate issues for HTTPS


Security is a priority for any project we build.  Every site we build has a TLS certificate installed.  If the client doesn't have a certificate, we will provide one.  This not only keeps the site secure, it's being used by Google as a ranking signal.


Proper markup


Content is marked up using vocabulary.  This vocabulary is infused into the HTML of the page to help search engines understand the content of the page.


Optimized page speed


The site is optimized for speed, which improves rankings in search engine results and provides a better and more efficient experience for mobile users.




A sitemap is a catalog of content for search engine crawlers.  We configure the site to submit (push) the sitemap to the major search engines, and make it available for all crawlers.


Metadata for social media


All sites automatically integrate with social media, including Open Graph and Twitter Cards.




Collect visitor contact information to build a member base for engagement.


Custom Analytics


View user engagement behavior and traffic analysis with deep-dive analytics.


Spam Protection


All sites are prevented from SPAM registrations, empty cart mitigation for e-Commerce sites, and hot-linking prevention using non-intrusive techniques.


Secure Hosting


We handle hosting for all projects for various security requirements.  For projects where data is critical, such as legal documents and personal data, we employ extreme security measures with a staff of engineers monitoring activity.


Responsive Design


Sites will display properly on mobile devices and tablets.


Publishing Back-End


Full WYSIWYG editor for publishing content, blogs, articles, and media.


Customer Relationship Management


For lead-generation projects, leads are stored and managed in a CRM system.


Social Media One-click Login and Registration


Users and visitors can easily register for any social media services that allow one-click logins.




If you need an extra level of engagement, we can provide an on-site chat box for communicating real time with visitors.