Your business infrastructure is made up of a network, computers, devices, and a website, all vulnerable to exploits by cybercriminals.  These vulnerabilities need protection to guard not only your data, but also your clients' data.

Website Vulnerability Assessment

Most small to mid-size business websites are not configured to prevent known exploits such as cross-site request forgery or SQL injection, and neglect critical updates to patch core, plugins, and modules.  If the site handles commerce transactions, the risk is even greater.

We'll provide a security analysis of vulnerabilities, patch, and provide ongoing security reviews to ensure your site is locked down.

Home Office or Small Business Network

Small businesses rarely start with security in mind.  As your company grew, security likely took a back seat.  Along with customers came personal and financial data, passwords, proprietary and confidential data, and any information you've been entrusted to keep protected.  If you have a breach, it reflects poorly on you and your reputation, and lets potential customers know you're not serious about their security.  Every network is different, but we have the expertise to lock it down, monitor, and react to criminals attempting to gain access.  We'll also write your security policy.

Code Review

Developers are lazy.  While they're coding and debugging, they may skip critical steps like validating user input and say "I'll do the validation stuff later after I get this main part working", but neglect to do so.  Writing secure code takes time and is tedious.  Depending on the language or runtime environment, the developer may not have the experience or knowledge to debug memory leaks and make sure the code execution is clean to mitigate exploits.  We are software engineering experts, not only at the application level, but down to the hardware and processor.

Secure Email, Messaging, and File Storage

If you handle confidential data and require secure communication within your internal network, we design, configure, implement, monitor, and maintain a secure storage and communications infrastructure for your in-office and remote employees.

Disaster Recovery

If you're in a situation where your website is down and you're unable to recover it, we can help (if there's indeed a chance of recovery).  You may have a corrupted database, you may have been hacked, or a module or plugin is broken and you can't reach the maintainer to get it fixed.  We can get you back online and leave you with a backup and maintenance plan.

We can also help if you have hardware-related issues, like recovering data from a damaged hard drive.


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