Install Disqus for user comments

We always recommend, if possible, to not host your own commenting system.  At worst, it's a security liability.  Instead, use a third-party system and let them deal with the headache.  Today, we installed the Disqus module because it's great for user engagement.  They have a large user base, allow anonymous visitors to easily register and post, have automatic channels that can act as a forum, and takes authentication and registration issues off your plate.

composer require drupal/disqus

Before you install the module, set up an account on  After you acquire a shortname, install the module and enter the shortname on the configuration page.  Then allow anonymous users, or any roles you want, to view comments.  Finally, for each content type you want Disqus active, add a new field and select the Disqus option.  You should see it in your fields list:


Drupal node fields with Disqus field


There are other commenting systems, but we chose this because we're familiar with it from other projects and never had any issues, and they've been around for a while.  Even if you don't get a lot of comment action, you will see your unique views increase.  For one project where we integrated Disqus some years ago, the increase was substantial.