Configure your sitemap with the XML Sitemap module

Search engines dispatch crawlers to websites to catalog content URLs for indexing.  To assist the crawlers, your website needs to implement a sitemap.  For Drupal 8, Install the XML Sitemap module:

composer require drupal/xmlsitemap

The module has three sub-modules: sitemap, sitemap custom, and sitemap engines.

drush en xmlsitemap

Enable the sitemap engines module.  This will let you configure the site to push the sitemap to the Google and Bing search engines.

drush en xmlsitemap_engines

Within the module configuration, click the [List] tab and edit the default sitemap.  Change the label if you wish.

 - Click the [Search Engines] tab and check the Google and Bing options.

 - Click the [Settings] tab, and click the ADVANCED SETTINGS option.  The defaults are fine, but change the Default base URL to your home page.

 - Click the [Sitemap Entities] tab and check the entities you wish to index.  After you save your options, click the [Rebuild] tab and save your configuration.

Rebuild the cache and go to /sitemap.xml.  You should see the URLs of content ready to be indexed.